MiA has assessed a need for development and training for ethnic minorities in the Norwegian labour market. From this need-mapping action research projects have been developed to create possibilities for immigrants to participate in the Norwegian workplaces, which focus on vocational training, school development and on-the-job training for immigrants. Most of the work has been directed towards adult education with Norwegian training in connection with vocational training.

MiAs work targets specific companies (workplaces), different institutions as well as government policies. Most of the work has been developed in responses to the demands of such companies and institutions.

Some development fields have been singled out:
  • Development of adapted programmes for vocational training of immigrants within a reformed framework of competence development.
  • Establishing a company network connected to international networks for managing diversity.
  • Development of teaching methods for immigrant participation in education and training for the Norwegian labour market.
  • Development of literature, teaching material and reports from experiences with the training of immigrants.
  • The need for better arrangements for financing courses and projects directed to qualifying immigrants for the Norwegian labour market.
  • Development of theoretical and didactic material for training of immigrants at workplaces and in work situations.
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